Visiting Artist: Bobi Bosson


Artist: Bobi Bosson
Media: Animation, painting, sculpture, screen printing

About the Artist

Bobi Bosson currently attends California State University of Long Beach and pursues art. Initially, Bosson imagined herself to concentrate on animation; however, in a short period of time, she realized that was not going to be her case. Bosson found many new interests besides animation such as painting, sculpture, and screen printing. Bosson mentioned that when she paints, she usually wants to portray the emotionally driven aspect of her paintings. Secondly, for her sculptures, she likes to emphasize on the mass and volume of her art piece. Bosson talked about how she truly loves to create her sculptures based on the female body because of how appealing and beautiful a women’s body can be. Lastly, Bosson explained the beauty behind screen printing. She taught us how screen printing is a “perfect balance for digital and traditional” art. And how screen printing allowed her to grow as an artist because it helped her to view art in a different aspect and ultimately help her grow as a better designer.

Former Analysis

Through Bosson’s art, there were several qualities of work that were portrayed. However, the top three that stood and spoke out to me were color, texture, and how sinuous her art pieces were. First and foremost, the color she chose for all her art pieces seemed so symbolic and powerful. Especially the second painting she presented through her lecture seemed very powerful. As a woman myself, I felt as if it could relate more to the feelings that were illustrated by the choice of color she chose. The magenta blue with all the other abstract colors brought in so many emotions that seem as if it was the “correct” way to express how I feel at times. On the other hand, even though all her artwork was shown through a screen, I was able to feel the texture of her art and I believe that is such a powerful skill as an artist and Bobi truly reached the full texture needed. I loved how she drew the people and I was able to see and imagine the texture of their bare skin to the makeup on their face. As someone who is not very experienced in art, it is such a beautiful and respectable feature to see and witness. Thirdly, I admired how detailed and sinuous her art was. Although I could focus on the basic shape of her art, I wanted to see more in-depth of it and when I did, I realized that even her background of many of her pieces was sinuous. Under her screen printing content in the PowerPoint, I was genuinely surprised by how sinuous her background colors were. It seemed so simple at first, but when I zoomed in I could imagine all the thought and detail that was needed in order for her to create and master the vision she was going for.

Content Analysis

I remember one of my classmates asking Where do you get your inspiration” and Bobi simply answered with a short laugh and replied, “everything”. My initial response was filled with confusion, but when I looked at her artwork I truly realized that artists simply are not wired the way I am. Bobi briefly mentioned how even music helps her “navigate her piece”. I learned so much in the short time that Bobi spoke because I came to a recognition that her artwork is not just about what she likes to do, but it is also about bringing awareness and expressing how she views certain topics. For example, her sculpture was a woman’s figure, but she said her emphasis was on the mass and volume, bringing it into “life” through 3D figures. However, for me, I would have thought she was simply trying to form the curves of a woman, which may be part of her goal. However, ultimately I learned that the picture itself may not always be the goal, but exploring different aspects of art may.

Synthesis/ My Experience

Through Bobi’s artworks, I learned that sometimes art does not always have to consider complicated in order to be viewed as “art”. She taught me a lot about how to view art differently, and not to be too closed-minded. However, the biggest lesson that I took from her lecture was that sometimes I simply need to “test out the waters” in order for myself to understand and even like new things at times. For Bobi’s case, this was broadening out her perspective in art outside of animation, and going into other fields. For me, I can definitely take this to many aspects of my life, such as looking into different majors or simply by taking into account in finding new hobbies!



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